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oh, Boone, why?

Hello! Um, I just joined, and they say you need an introductory post, so here I am! Name's spyderwebb, although please shorten it if you need to type my name for anything. I am a HUGE Boone fangirl. I really like some of the icons you all post!

Here's a small rumor for next season I heard, but just in case I'll put it under a cut. ^^

I heard that Boone was going to make a special appearance as a ghost that Shannon sees. But it's just a rumor, so don't hold me to it.

Hope it hasn't been said here before, but I hope it's true even more. ^_~

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If the rumour is true then omgyeswtfyessYAY<3

And welcome to the community<3
well, seeing as walt may have been a ghost/hallucination, this is plausible. :D
Well the fan girl inside of me is officially squeeing :)